Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hot up in here

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Hot in...
So hot in here....singing yet??? But seriously the temps skyrocketed this week.  Thankfully I have a job where I am in the air conditioning all day but my brother in laws are not so fortunate and I worry about them every time it gets really hot, or really cold in the winter...

I am not a fan of just sitting in the air conditioning, I need fresh air,even if it is 95 with insane humidity, after being inside all day so we headed to the pool to cool off and I am pretty sure we will be heading in there tonight too...

Cat cookies from Trader Joes( I went there for the first time last weekend, didn't get anything but these cat cookies for the kiddos since we were strapped for time, but I liked it)

 We came home, showered up, had some supper...pretty easy last night and they boys gobbled it up. 


Steamed Broccoli ( I get the Organic Individual packets from Costco, they work perfect for throwing in the pampered chef steamer)
Sauteed Onions
Ground Beef (spiced up with whatever you want)
Marinara Sauce or Spaghetti Sauce
*Add onions to meat

On plate
Place broccoli on plate
Layer meat on top
Top with sauce


This workout was a great one this morning, I think Kyle's words were "do you enjoy torturing yourself" 

I started with a Strength Skill of OHS(overhead squats) to warm up 5x2 then went straight to the WOD of the day. Start with 1 wall ball and 15 burpees, next round is 2 wall balls 14 burpees...continue on until you get to 15 wall balls and 1 burpee.  I ended the workout with some #piyo beast abs. I cannot wait for this challenge to start.  I will have all the information tomorrow! 

Have a great day!  Stay cool!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

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So, that weekend went super fast...gosh, I feel like I was just leaving work Friday afternoon anticipating a awesome weekend.
Well, the weekend is done, and it was a lot of fun with family and friends..so let's get down to the recap...

We spent Friday night at the ball fields cheering on our high school baseball team...unfortunately their season ended far to soon.  The boys cheered them on and we are all very proud of Raider baseball team!

 Saturday morning workout, featured PiYo Hardcore on the Floor and a tabata mix I put together to finish.  I am going to be starting a PiYo(pilates and yoga fused workout) challenge group pretty soon.  If you are interested let me know! Want to get your hands on this workout..click here
Saturday morning we headed to our local county fair.  We checked out the livestock, watched some shows, ate some sweet corn, and then headed up to Iowa City to get Bubba a new bike and Theisens for some farm essentials(#farmlife).  His legs are growing so fast and the bikes just weren't keeping up!


 Saturday night was movie night, featuring Despicable Me 2, on the screen porch...the weather has just been amazingly comfortable this last week so we took advantage of it. 
Sunday was spent with family and friends at a baby shower for my cousin and his girlfriend.  I got a lot of QT time with the cousins, sister, and aunts, and kids! Always miss them so much when we have to separate and go our different ways. We group text constantly and last nights conversation was how we could make it work to all locate to the same area so we could form our own "housewives" group.  Considering most of our husbands are farmers, we are dreaming...I guess we are just going to have to schedule "cousin vacations"....already in the works
My beautiful mom!
 And after arriving home to my boys, we started canning some pickles.  My house smelled like dill for the longest time. I may have even caught a waft of it this morning too...but all worth it for those yummy pickles!

Do you can veggies, pickles, anything?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun Facts Friday...

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It's finally Friday...woohoo...this week seemed to crawl for someone reason even though I was really busy during the day and at night with the boys...but alas Friday arrived and I am looking forward to a great weekend with family!

1. I was given the opportunity to try out some new headbands, Bondi Bands, with my Sweatpink Ambassadorship, I am very picky about headbands due to the fact that most of them I try and buy slip right off my head.  I was so happy that wasn't the case with these.  They stayed put, kept the hair out of my face, and wicked up some sweat!  They also come with some great sayings and you can even design your own.
I am holding a Facebook giveaway for two Bondi Band headbands...all you have to do is go to my Fitness page here and comment that you stopped by! You don't have to like the page, just comment and say hi! Easy Peasy!

2. Our baseball team won the conference championship earlier this week and tonight we host the first round of district play so we are heading in tonight to cheer them on.  GO RAIDERS!

3. Our county fair is going on this week and weekend so we are heading over to check that out and hopefully ride some rides at the Carnival.  I love small town! Follow me on Instagram to see all the fun!

4. Bike rides at night are the best, especially when the weather is cool and crisp. 
5. I get to see my sisters, and cousins, and aunts this Saturday at a family baby shower. To say I am excited is an understatement....we have such a great time together, as you all know, and I can only imagine what Sunday will bring.

So those are my fun facts, even though they aren't really facts as much as telling you what is going to happen this weekend.  Your welcome!

P.S. Don't forget to head over to my facebook page and say hi to win a Bondi Band headband. 

P.S.S. What are your big plans for the weekend?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Racing with currexSole

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I've gotten a couple races under my belt this year and my shoe of choice this year has been the +ASICS Gel and I have enjoyed them immensely. I think they give great support for my high arches...or at least I thought I did until I was given the opportunity to try out the CurrexSole inserts. 

First off, their website is very user friendly and directs you through some questions to see what kind of insert fits your needs (running, skiing, hiking, training, etc..) It was so easy to find the right kind of insert that would fit my needs. 

I put them through two 5k's, a half marathon, and a Tough Mudder(rough terrain, water, climbing,obstacles).  FYI...I handwashed them off after the Mudder and they were ready to go for the next races.

 Some Mudder action and a wipeout for your viewing pleasure.

I have always been apprehensive to try inserts in my shoes because of my high arches, but I am so glad I was given the opportunity to try these.

My thoughts: 

  • Shock absorber.....I felt that they really reduced the impact put on my knees while running and didn't feel that usual twinge in my knee about 6 miles in...

  • They were very comfortable...some inserts can be really "cardboardy" for lack of a better word, which could be attributed to, per their website, "the foot being supported by a total of three layers. Less sweat and odor, improved air circulation – and no chance of blister formation! The top layer is made from supportive microfiber. The mid-layer is Freeflex Memory Foam, which adjusts pleasantly to the foot and is impregnated with high-quality bamboo charcoal"

I think these inserts are fabulous and will be checking out a pair for my "gym" shoes.

I was given a pair of currexSole inserts through Smack Media.  All opinions here are all my own.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A sweaty weekend recap

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Last weekend was jam packed and we sweat through most of it...literally. 

Friday night was spent as a split family...Kyle won tickets to a Speedway Race and took Bubba while I took Big E to watch my brother-in-law in a charity Homerun Derby contest. 

Saturday temperatures and humidity escalated and we spent the day sweating away while playing on inflatable bouncy houses,slides,and waterslides at Kyle's work Family Fun Day. 

 In the picture below, Kyle was talking "strategery" with some interns on how to win the tractor pull.  They came in 2nd....


We then spent Saturday night with friends sweating,dancing,sweating,drinking, the night away, at our local Winery as the dueling piano's played.  It was so much fun!  

Sunday we got a lot of things done around the house then took a few hours cooling off at the pool with stink eye sister #2's family. After we got showered up and all clean we headed to Iowa City for a good ole fashion family fun night at WalMart followed up with supper at HuHot's and some ice cream.

I would say we had a pretty good weekend, wouldn't you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Daily "Do's" List

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We spent last night cleaning the boys rooms.  They had been put on the backburner over and over and through the vacation with visitors and lots of kids playing, they just were not  a priority. ...

and it was driving me bonkers!!!

So last night we tackled the rooms and made a list of daily tasks so that their rooms would continue to stay neat and tidy..the boys helped put the list together of things they thought were important. 

I had previously painted the wall in between their rooms with chalkboard paint so that part was done. 

Mornings are easy around our house but we still wanted to make sure everyone woke up with a happy face for Rule #1 in the morning.

FYI, I didn't update my picture after I changed the Nightime schedule.  Rule #1 should be to help clear the table after supper.  
The boys love the list they put together and so do I .  I think it will help them keep their rooms a bit more tidy if we have a reminder...because we get pretty busy and tend to space things off:)

What's your favorite organization/daily "do" project?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July recap

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Sooo... I am a little late with the recap but after a 4 day weekend spent with family and friends, it takes a bit to get back in the groove of things. 

Stink eye sister Rachael was in town to watch the boys, for a couple of days(no daycare), while I went to work...(you can imagine how hard it was focusing on work while she is at home having fun with kids

I took an extra day off so I could hang with her for the day...I love having her here...and I miss her and the kids terribly when she leaves....when the kids went to sleep or weren't awake yet, we would just hang out on the porch sipping our wine, drinking our coffee,talking...talking...talking....(I am so thankful I have stink eye sister Nicole in town with me)
 The boys and I hanging out on the porch
Rachael left about 3 pm on Thursday and my parents arrived about 6pm. They came down to spend the 4th of July with the boys at our celebration in town.  There were inflatable rides, face painting, a parade, and of course fireworks. 
 Bubba got to be part of the Magician Show.   I am hoping you can see the video.  I think he was a little nervous when he thought the metal rods were really going to puncture him.


Tractor Pull Time

In between the parade and fireworks we have friends over to eat supper, hang out, and let the kids play.  We then head to a place near our home and watch the fireworks and light sparklers.  The hubby is on the Fire Department and Fireworks Committee so leaves early to go get everything ready.  The boys were so proud that there dad was shooting off the fireworks(which were awesome) GREAT JOB WFD FIREWORKS CREW!
 The rain held off till Saturday and boy did it pour again.  Bubba went to a friends house and the hubby needed oil for the cars so we took off to Iowa City with Big E for a "shopping" day.   Big E is such a crack up, posing with Herky.  These Herky's are all around Iowa City and it is our goal to take a picture with each one of them. 
Sunday afternoon brought a reunion/potluck for Kyle's mom's side of the family and later that night Kyle's uncle and his family were back from California for the 4th of July weekend so we all got to hang out with them Sunday night at my mother in laws house. 
The California Wetjen's

I hated that the weekend just flew by so fast but lots of memories were made!

A couple times throughout the weekend I just paused and took it all in.....

I watched my parents with the kids...

I savored the moment as I was holding Big E during the fireworks when he nestled up in my arms and said he loved me

I watched the kids play with the sparklers

and I thought, this is what life is all about folks, these are the memories we create and love, and I was overcome with such a feeling of blessedness and grateful to have such great friends and family....

Hope your 4th was as fantastic as ours was!

What is was your favorite thing to do on the 4th?