Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday Two-fer Workouts

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As I mentioned here, K-Hubs and I went for a run in Chicago the morning before the wedding....and I really needed to get a leg workout in but the weight room did not open until 8a.m. and that would be cutting it pretty close to prep time for the big, while we were running I saw a bunch of benches scattered amongst the trail....

Bench WOD (x3):
20 Thrusters
15 Walking Lunges each side

 And while the hubs was showering I did a twist plank/pushup/dips combination...

Hotel Room WOD x 3
Do a pushup
extend arm into arm for a side plank
bring arm back down and bring through underneath chest...
10 each side
20 Dips

Monday's Workout:

WIWI (What I Workout In): UnderArmour V-Neck Semi Fitted Tee, UnderArmour Running Pants, Nike Frees


Breakfast: 2 ingredient pancakes....again...I love that it fills me up till lunch...
  Lunch:  Chicken Breast and lettuce(missing from picture) 
Supper: Chicken Breast, Roasted Cabbage, Roasted Butternut Squash..nutritional yeast sprinkled on top

So there you go...two-fer Tuesday..two workouts, two times the fun! 

Have you tried nutritional yeast.  I like it alot.  Tastes just like cheese.